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  • The Concept

The Super 100 is conceived as a benchmark coffee table book profiling the remarkable and inspirational success sagas of the most admirable and influential Indian business leaders and corporate heads in the Middle East.

Conceptualised as a glowing tribute to the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship of those from the Subcontinent who lived their dreams and aspirations to the brim, The Super 100 is also purported to be a quintessential chronicle of the astonishing economic marvel of the Middle East as most of these high-fliers are part of the region’s success story ever since the discovery of oil decades ago.

As these heroes made their tryst with destiny in an alien land and scaled breathtaking heights in their chosen field of enterprises, they sought to build not only stronger economic bonds and commercial ties between India and their host countries but also strived to lift the fortunes of millions of people around them.



Achievers -Business Leaders and Top Professionals from Kerala, 2010 is an endeavor that celebrates the glowing business acumen of the Great Malayalee Entrepreneur. The Malayalees who have ventured into every new paths full of thorns and challenges and made it big.

The Book of ACHIEVERS, Volume II is a sequel - a mission to identify and honour Top Business Leaders and Top Professionals from Kerala in the GCC countries.

The way India and Indians does business with the world has undergone a galactic change. At the forefront, weaving this new tale of success and worldwide dominance is the new age global Indian business leader, with their base outside India, who by inching his way through barricades of geo-political divides hurdles of testing times and having charted unknown waters without the backing of an Empire has carved a niche for himself through sheer determination, hard work and a unique charm. In the process he has also pitched India, her cultures and divine colours onto a surreal canvas forever epitomizing her as the land where a billion dreams are birthed.